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My passion for animals and their safety started my rescue.......
The happy adoption stories and the continuing need, keeps me rescuing the ones that cannot speak for themselves.
Ms. Kitty and Sir Puff a lot

Ms. Kitty has health issues and is a permanent resident at RAP. Puff has been adopted.

.Romeo Animal Placement has been accepting animals for over 25 years. My goal is to find the best forever home possible for each  pet that comes through  our doors. My adoption process  takes a few days so please be patient. After you interview and visit; you will fill out the necessary adoption paperwork. Then you have 24 hours to think about your decision to add a new member to the family and discuss this addition with the other family members. During this time I will be checking your references.
Once everything is complete and approved you will return for pick up of your pet.

To surrender a pet you will need to bring any special items belonging to your pet and vet records if applicable. I am not here to judge you in your decision to  place your pet in a new home. I can in certain cases offer a forever home within my rescue..

KOOL KRITTER EDUCATION PROGRAM LLC. Does pet presentations with RAP residents to raise awareness  of rescued exotics. Call 586-752-5210 to schedule a presentation.